Rodders and Fault Finding

Trace Wire Rodders

See us for:

  • low frequency locates 
  • split box locates
  • electrical fault finding 
  • 60-cycle locates 
  • field ground penetrating radar 
  • GPR cement scans
  • pipe rodding 
  • sonde placement locates 
  • full push color cam inspections 
  • thumb drive recordings
  • full tractor cam
  • dual dvd recordings 
  • dye testing
  • magnetometer scans
  • tank scans

If you do not care about the inside of the pipe condition and only want to have a non-conductive pipe located, we offer push rodders with an internal trace wire.  After we gain access to the pipe, we can push our rodders up to 300 ft.  We can also attach a mouse / sond to the end of the rodder for deeper locates.  This is great for environmental tests and will work at gas stations and businesses, as well as for survey work.  Along with our rodders our truck carries a 200 ft stainless steel fish tape for small pvc pipes.

Electrical Fault Finding Equipment

Our latest fault finding equipment can locate faulted electrical lines. After the line is located we proceed down the line to find the fault on the spot.  This service saves our clients hours of time and money enabling them to get their clients service back up quickly.  Usually they can hand dig and expose the faulted area of wire idenitifed by us within inches and with a splice repair kit installed the service is back.  We can find the fault in your main service or a simple light run and anything in between.  Call us for more details.